Wednesday, June 1, 2011

UNESCO Shuri Castle Okinawa (Photo) and Travel Tips

The most popular UNESCO World Heritage Site in Okinawa, Japan is Shuri-jo (Castle) and it probably gets visitors, from around the world, numbering in the millions every year.

This photo reminds me of two very important things a visitor needs to know.

The red building, on the left side of the frame is the main attraction.  At the time the photo was taken, scaffolding covered the left third of the structure.  Maintenence was being done to restore the brilliant colors for the annual King and Queen's Coronation held each year in November.

There is a website SHURIJO CASTLE PARK  updated regularly, that would have informed me of this project.  I wouldn't have planned on going to take castle pictures with the site under construction. 

Living here, in Okinawa, Japan, I can go anytime, year round.

Another thing visitors may want to know, especially if they are on the island for any length of time, is the admission fees.

An adult pays 800 yen for admission each time they enter the castle. But, if you plan on visiting more than twice, during the course of a year, an Annual Passport is the way to go.

It costs 1600 yen, giving you unlimited visits to the castle and a few more benefits, like 10% of at the gift shops and a chance to win a 10,000 yen gift certificate.

So, my travel tips would be check the website for Shuri Castle before you go and get an annual passport if you think you may visit, like I do, several times a year.

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