Monday, June 20, 2011

Winners of the 500,000 View Giveaway Ta-Ta-Ta-Ta Tah-Dah !

It really happened this time. Not only did the viewmeter crank over and hit a goal, people actually got their entries in through Facebook or emails and we have two winners.  That's what I'm Tah-Dah-n' about, today.

Ladies first, a friend I met through StumbleUpon,  Betty-Boop chose "Attracted to Orange" a flower and butterfly photo.

Betty, from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA reads my blog, follows me on Facebook and even chats at me a few times a day. So, it feels good to give her get one of my photos.

The other winner, Jerry, goes by the handle FishHawk and hails from Springfield, Missouri, USA.

Now, I haven't know him very long but, we've seen each other's comments on that crazy Scotsman's Channel Scotland Here and Now.

Fish Hawk, is another name for an Osprey and I have a whole pile of Osprey photos but, this is the one Jerry chose, only I'll give him a more spiffed-up version of it.

When he entered the contest, he said he didn't really care about winning a photo. He just wanted to beat that Ryan Dude from Scotland out of a prize. Hah !

It will take me awhile to get their photos ready for mailing.  That's another blog I can do as tips for those interested in learning the tricks of the trade.

Meanwhile, if you get a chance, visit the blogs of these 500,000 views winners, say, "Hi" and congratulate them.  They're both great people to know. 

I'm glad I met them and honored to have my photography displayed in their homes. 

Wonder if they'd mind me scratchin' my name on the frame with a pencil ?


Ryan said...

Congratulations to Betty on winning.....grrr oh well I suppose I should congratulate the Fishy one also *grudgingly* Well done on the half million hits Mike fantastic achievement.

RyukyuMike said...

Thanks and I hope you take the time to visit Betty and Jerry, check out their blogs, too.

If this thing keeps going the way it has been, maybe, we'll get a real decent sponsor to give away a nice camera to some lucky winner for the one million views mark.
Just don't try holdin yer breath while waitin'!

Unknown said...

Thank you so very much for making it abundantly clear to Ryan that I WON! Yeah, I really should work on being a much more gracious winner. Maybe next time.

P.S.: Please don't let Ryan win that camera. For I will never hear the end of it.

RyukyuMike said...

Just imagine the things Ryan would be posting if he got involved with a camera!