Monday, June 20, 2011

Winners of the 500,000 View Giveaway Ta-Ta-Ta-Ta Tah-Dah !

It really happened this time. Not only did the viewmeter crank over and hit a goal, people actually got their entries in through Facebook or emails and we have two winners.  That's what I'm Tah-Dah-n' about, today.

Ladies first, a friend I met through StumbleUpon,  Betty-Boop chose "Attracted to Orange" a flower and butterfly photo.

Betty, from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA reads my blog, follows me on Facebook and even chats at me a few times a day. So, it feels good to give her get one of my photos.

The other winner, Jerry, goes by the handle FishHawk and hails from Springfield, Missouri, USA.

Now, I haven't know him very long but, we've seen each other's comments on that crazy Scotsman's Channel Scotland Here and Now.

Fish Hawk, is another name for an Osprey and I have a whole pile of Osprey photos but, this is the one Jerry chose, only I'll give him a more spiffed-up version of it.

When he entered the contest, he said he didn't really care about winning a photo. He just wanted to beat that Ryan Dude from Scotland out of a prize. Hah !

It will take me awhile to get their photos ready for mailing.  That's another blog I can do as tips for those interested in learning the tricks of the trade.

Meanwhile, if you get a chance, visit the blogs of these 500,000 views winners, say, "Hi" and congratulate them.  They're both great people to know. 

I'm glad I met them and honored to have my photography displayed in their homes. 

Wonder if they'd mind me scratchin' my name on the frame with a pencil ?

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