Monday, June 13, 2011

Do They Really Have Little Peckers in Japan ? (Photos)

bird. woodpecker
This little pecker was up in the mountains of Okinawa, Japan just banging away on a tree.
bird, Japanese Pygmy Woodpecker
My hearing is about the same as that of a rock so, I'd have never known it was there.  But, I saw Ryukyu Rusty with his tripod set up concentrating on something in the trees and clicking away with his Pentax.

bird,Dendrocopos kizuki
Once he got me pointed in the right direction I saw the little bird and started firing away, too.

They certainly do have little peckers in Japan.  This is a Japanese Pygmy Woodpecker.  They go by the scientific name of Dendrocopos kizuki and some folks just call them Pygmy Woodpeckers.

These characters eat bugs and hang out on hillsides or in forests and may also be found in China, Korea and Russia.  They really are little guys, about as small as a sparrow, and they peck away at wood loud enough for people with good ears to hear them before they see them.  That's why they got the name woodpeckers instead of little peckers, I guess.

Everybody should walk around and see if there's any little peckers in their neck of the woods because you never know, they could get a mention in the HUFFINGTON POST just like our Woodpeckers, someday.

Not many people run around, bragging about their little peckers but, I'm right proud of mine !


Gene said...

You be proud,, great photos and as always wit in your words,,LOL

RyukyuMike said...

Bet, if ya look around, you have some l'il peckers, make ya proud, somewhere near where you live, too !

Ryan said...

I've never had the good fortune to actually see a woodpecker in action although I have heard them. I didn't realise there were so many small peckers in Japan, the average size of a pecker in Scotland is 12 inches Mike.

RyukyuMike said...

Poor l'il things probably need to get out and exercise more.