Friday, June 24, 2011

Okinawa, Japan Huh? A Typhoon in June? Gimmie a Break !

Almost forgot there's one of those tropical storms that get recognized as typhoons blowing around somewhere in Southeast Asia and I told the Mrs that I'd better post something about it here.

As you can see, I'm high and dry.  The wind is blowing and some rain but, I don't think the typhoon is really gonna whack us like that last one did.  It's just a baby typhoon and doesn't look like it's coming close enough to Okinawa to do any harm.

Here are a few links for those who would like weather maps and forecasts that seem fairly decent:

This one is all in english and was provided by TIME 2 PCS a pretty cool site I just found.

Another, I hope works for folks around the globe, comes from YAHOO WEATHER I like this site because they somehow, know Nago City is the closest weather station to me.  They even call the place Nago-shi, like maybe they speak Japanese, or something cuz that's the way folks talk around here.  But, the site is in english and even says the strongest winds will be around 40 MPH.  Gimmie a break!
That's not bad at all.  Last typhoon we had winds over 100 MPH and my house is still standing.

It's Friday night here.  Beer drinking time.  So, I gotta go.  I'll update if there's any drastic changes in the weather, later.  Have a great weekend, wherever you are and don't worry about Okinawa and our l'il typhoon, OK ?




THE US EBMASSY has a fairly decent TIPS FOR TYPHOONS list and a few good links that are updated frequently so, it's worth checking into.  Just poke around all the buttons and eventually you get to see up to date weather maps.  Some sites, you may have to wait a few seconds for your Google Translator thingy to kick-in but, it's worth the wait, I think.

Now, I don't have any kinda fancy wind-speed-meter so, I have to give you my update from the seat of my pants.  Here's the real-deal coming to you live from on the ground in Kin Cho Kin Okinawa, Japan.

I left the house about 9AM Japan Standard Time (JST) to come to my office. It was only sprinkling a bit of rain but windy.  I debated whether or not to carry an umbrella.  I have a collection of twisted umbrellas (sounds like a rock band huh?) from previous typhoons.  Just before leaving the house to walk here, I told the wife maybe I'd take one of my twisted umbrellas in case the wind died down and I'd need it to walk back home in the rain.

Halfway to the office, it started raining hard.  So, I opened the umbrella.  The rain was blowing every which way you can imagine and a few places you probably never would have guessed.

The dangbanged wind, that wasn't supposed to exceed about 35MPH, according to the knucklehead weather-persons, decided to exceed the speed limit.  It took my umbrella and twisted it some more, turned the contraption inside out and almost poked one of my eyes out before I wrestled it to the ground and stomped on it so I could hogtie the damn thing and get it under control.

That wind had to be doing 50MPH or better.  I can't show you any photos because I try to keep this site family friendly.  I made this windspeed estimate by the seat of my pants.  They are hanging from my REDNECK COOLING TOWER right now while I sit on top of a stack of old newspapers hoping they'll soak up all the water from my underwear before it gets to the felt upholstery covering my barstool.

Once the seat of my pants gets dry enough, I'll switch them and let the underwear dry.  Meanwhile, I hope no customers come by here looking to buy a drink. This typhoon won't harm anyone.  It's just a little stronger than expected with plenty of rain.  I really wish it would give me a break !


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