Sunday, June 26, 2011

Photo Essay with Tips, Give Her Your Best Shot, Lady in Blue

Shooting stage performances whether at night outdoors, or inside at a concert can be a challenge. 

The lighting may change suddenly, people are moving and shutterspeed can be a nightmare.

The photographer has to figure out what angle to shoot from,  direction of lighting and which composition makes a lady look great. 

It takes plenty of moving around, zooming and going wide angle and shooting from the left, right and center of the stage. 

The target, this time, was the lady in blue. I don't know her.  She's just a performer at a festival.
My job is to make her more beautiful than she already is with the light that's available, no photoshopping.

If you ask a woman which side of her face is the prettiest, she can tell you.  Women know stuff like that.

You can't just walk up to the stage and ask a lady, "Hey. Which side of your face is the ugliest?" 

Or, that's what I'd do.  I could save a few gigabytes of shooting.  Instead, I try and guess.

If you were a studio photographer, you might be able to suggest different poses and direct the lighting to help smooth things over.  Here, you're on your own.  Man against the elements.

                               Sometimes a vertical shot helps highlight interesting features.

                                               Like, look how long that gal's hair is !

Beside all the dancing and singing she did the lady in blue was also a drummer.

So, I decided this photo was the most flattering one of my target for that day.

If I ever run across her again at a festival, I think I'll give her a copy.

Then, maybe, I could get away with asking her, "Which side of your face is the prettiest"?

If I give her my best shot don't you think the lady in blue would want to help me make another one ?


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