Saturday, June 11, 2011

Flower Photo: The Hawaiian Lily (Solandra maxima)

Here's an unusual one for you flower lovers.  I'm calling it a Hawaiian Lily but, the Solandra maxima is also known as a Cup of Gold Flower or a Golden Chalice.  You can call it whatever you like.

Whenever I get a chance, I like to shoot a sample of what these critters look like when they're just little babies, too.  I do that just in case some start growing around your house and you don't accidentally whack them with your lawn mower or weed eater.  Give the little fellers a chance.

This critter was growing up in Motobu Okinawa, Japan just outside the ticket booth at the International Orchid Show I went to in February 2011.  Lucky, for me, they had a sign hiding in the bushes below the plant.  I'm not trying to win a photo contest with this shot.  I just know, when you can find a plant that you've never seen before, the Latin (Scientific) name makes it lots easier to identify the critter as you research, later on.

Ryukyu Rusty's girlfriend helped by pulling some of the undergrowth out of the way.  See her pretty little finger over there?  She's not too thrilled about me calling her the Girl with Muscular Arms, any more so, I promised I'd try and cut back on doing that.  Shucks....

Just this morning, I discovered these plants can be started from cuttings.  so, I'm thinking I might just take a ride back up to Motobu and see if they happen to have any Hawaiian Lily cuttings lying around. 

You know what I mean, like, someplace where nobody's looking.



Gene said...

Just the place to find some Lily cuttings, where nobody is looking, LOL. Cool looking Flower , Thank You.

RyukyuMike said...

Actually, it's the wife who always goes around snipping little gems from here and there. She takes them home and gets them growing.

Me, I don't like going to jail. So, I learned how to ask if something can be grown from cuttings, in Japanese. Most times, when I do ask, the plant's owner tells me "Go ahead and take a snipping"!