Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Photo Essay Quiz: Which Turtle is the Dude ?

                There were a couple of turtles below the waterfall catching the rays of the sun.

                                                                      After taking a little nap

One wakes up

And decides it's time for a beer.

The other turtle babbling about the beautiful brook

Gets left behind.

Which turtle do you think is the Dude?



An Alert Reader named Lindarama
contacted me last night and I made a comment below that I thought she may have been a scientist.

She not only knew the scientific names of the turtles, she knew which one was the dude, too.

She is a scientist.  A Marine Biologist with a PHD ! 

The smaller turtle is the dude. The one that ran for beer must have been a gal.  I just kid around; don't think turtles really drink beer.  But, I know snails and my dogs do.  It kills snails.

Anyhow, if you want to do me a favor, say "Hi" to Lindarama over at the Stumble Channel or visit her awesome website  She has some interesting articles and collectibles over there.  So, I gave her a Thumbs Up and am going back to read some more.

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