Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Zanpa Point Lighthouse in Yomitan Okinawa, Japan (Photo)

This lighthouse sits on the west coast of Okinawa facing the East China Sea in Yomitan Village.

Most visitors touring the island go to see the glass-blowing, pottery (yachimun), or the UNESCO World Heritage Zakimi Castle when they are heading towards Zanpamisaki (Zanpa Point). 

Some tourists gawk at the humongous red clay Shisa near the Cape Zanpa Royal Hotel and others visit a place that makes ice cream using local sea salt.  They don't see the lighthouse.

What they are missing is probably the most photogenic lighthouse in all of the Ryukyu Islands.

Which reminds me, it's time I headed over to Yomitan and did a sunset photo of this place.
I'm just wondering what time the ice cream place closes.  Reckon they stay open 'til after sunset ?

Zanpa Point Lighthouse is my weekly contribution to TRAVEL PHOTO THURSDAY.

My friend Nancie McKinnon, the editor of Budget Travelers Sandbox, tricked me good this week with her photo. The title: Favorite Canadian Brew, got me thinking is would be some kinda beer.
Turns out, she was talking about coffee.  I like coffee, too but, never called it a brew.

Guess I should brush up on my Canadian, eh?

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