Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tick in a Bellybutton (Photo) Just What I Needed !

Oh, baby, you have no idea how long I've been waiting for this. Not just a tick in a bellybutton,  but, two of them.  Not just any bellybutton, either, that's my bellybutton and I can do anything I want with it.  Hah !

The timing could have been better, though.  I just got back in town after spending a day in the hot sun, along with Doc.  We went to a place most Americans call The Cave of the Virgins, to take photos. 

You don't get to go in the caves.  It's a sacred site, Okinawa War memorial and a shockingly, sad story. 

I'll post that for you after I get all my research done and have as many facts as I can possibly gather.

So, back to the ticks.  Doc dropped me off at my office.  He noticed, before I did, the door was already open.  The wife decided to clean the place.  She was in there, tables turned up, swabbing the floor with whatever women swab floors with.  Grr, I wanted to download photos and get developing.  I dropped my camera gear off where it looked like it'd be safe and said "Hi, Sugar" or something like that.

Then, in order not to get roped into a conversation or work, I started doing what any respectable man would do.  I made believe I was doing something important.  I started looking at my bellybutton.

When you find a tick in your bellybutton, it's best not to tell your wife.  Trust me, I know, somehow. 

People even ask YAHOO WHAT TO DO when they panic over ticks in bellybuttons.

Don't panic.  Here's what I did.

I decided I needed an iced coffee.  That was my excuse to go across the street, get out in the sun again, and have a closer look at the tick I spotted.  This way nobody in my immediate family would have to freak out and call an ambulance or have blood pressure going through the roof.

Outside in the bright sunlight I could see a lot better. Ah, the great outdoors.  I hit the jackpot.  There's two of them in there.  Just little guys but, if I take real good care of them, they should grow up in just a few days.  I need them to get bigger for my project I've been planning.

See, up there in Mad Mike's Reviews, I mentioned I want to do a Swiss Army Knife Review.  And I even talked about using it to remove a tick from a bellybutton.  We'll have step by step instructions and photos.  This is the kinda stuff I love to do.  The real deal.

Just, don't anybody mention what I'm working on around the wife, OK ? 

She'll freak out and have me going to the emergency room or have me sleeping with the dogs!


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