Thursday, June 16, 2011

Friday Photo: The Gal on the Beach with the Hat

Waiting for boarding time, people get bored and start taking pictures of anything.  Me, too.  This scene was shot on the island of Minna Jima Okinawa, Japan about 3PM June 11, 2011 with my Pentax K5, an 18-250mm lens, tripod and cable release. I was standing in the shade on the balcony of the terminal.

This gal started off snapping photos of the beach, almost directly in front of me.  I liked the contrast her dress made with the glaring sun lighting the baby-powdered sand and I liked her hat.  I especially liked the fact that she was facing away from me.  That meant I didn't have to be bothered with getting a model release signed by her.  So, as she slowly moved from one spot on the beach to another, I took my time and composed some great shots.  I got bunches of them, hah!

When she stopped shooting her pictures and turned to walk back into the terminal, I stopped clicking away, too.  As she approached, being the gentleman that I am, I looked away, avoiding eye contact.  That's when I noticed her husband had been sitting right behind me watching the whole affair.  Ouchie !


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