Friday, May 19, 2017

Drivel Can Get Annoying on Facebook

screenshot from Google Search, meaning of drivel

It May Hurt Someone's Feelings

The "Like and Share" -- "Copy and Paste" Facebook hooligans did it again.

Each morning, I check the iPhone before, heading off to work, on a real computer.

It's nice, to get rid of all the junk mail and, peek at Facebook activity, while still at home.

There are Friends, photographers, writers and business associates, in my Facebook feed.

We share things, that may be of interest to other friends of ours. That's cool.

And, I'm sure, we all get our fair share of things, that ain't so interesting.

I might hit the "Like" button because, somebody taped their kid's picture on the fridge.

But, won't share it on my Timeline for everyone else, to see.

Like stuff, don't Like it; so far, we still have freedom of choices. And, that's cool, too.

Some, "Drivel" gets sent around, with your name tagged or via Facebook Messenger.

These days, it's hard to tell if, it really came from your friend or, a hacker.

Matter of fact, it could even be some Facebook marketing study, generating the drivel.

Human beings, have enough brains to Like or Share, whatever they want to.

If, they don't like something they probably, won't share it. Know what I mean ?

Robots can probably be programed, to do those sorts of things. 

For Any Robot Friends Out There

 Things that go around on Facebook labeled, Like and Share + Copy and Paste:

If, you have a son, daughter, grandchild, pet, you love with all your heart

If, you had a dog, cat or parakeet with an underarm rash

If, you know someone who is a nurse, teacher, doctor or, in the military

If, someone or, something you loved, died and went to heaven

If, you know a cancer victim or, someone with a fever

If, you agree or disagree with some political bullcrap, happening in some part of the world

If, everything should be free and nobody, should have to pay taxes

This Could Go On and On Indefinitely 

Instead, I'll cut it short.  Just remember, it has to be something emotional, tear-jerking.

The subject must be something, that grabs your attention for action.

Not really, a cold-blooded, heartless individual, I'm part human, too.

Should Facebook, ever decide, to let me filter out "Like/Share/Copy/Paste, I'd do it.

The Drivel pisses me off and sometimes, ruins my day.

Any Friends who, would like to Unfriend me because of this rant. Please do !

Just read this article, on your way out the door, concerning why, I consider you ROBOTS.


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