Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Trying to Shake Off One of those Evil Days

Messy desk of someone with writer's block

Writer's Block Is One Thing

Supposedly, it may happen to anyone, involved in the writing business.

Recurring spells are a regular thing, with me mostly because, I hate writing.

No blog was posted yesterday. I did plenty of preparation for today's post and, was worn out.

Pouring rain this morning got my day off, to a crumby start. It would get better, I thought.

On the way to the office, I usually manage to get a few people smiling and it lifts my spirits.

Maybe, I left for work too early. No one was walking in the rain but, me.

On top of the disorganized pile of papers on my desk, I placed a blank paper and a pen.

That would remind me, something had to be done today, bright and early.

The brain wasn't ready for scribbling yet so, I did some calisthenics and weight training.

Then, decided to walk down the street and get a bento for breakfast.

Things Went Downhill

It was raining cats and dogs and a strong wind blew but, that didn't bother me.

A huge umbrella, large enough for three of me, wind resistant and, I was good to go.

It's a few minutes walk so, I lit a smoke to enjoy, along the way.

Messy desk, bento large enough for the entire day

That bento has enough food in it to feed me for an entire day, breakfast through supper.

Besides the rice, there's carrots, potatoes, yakisoba, spicy chicken and pork tonkatsu.

Plus, eggs, sausage and goya champuru and, some tofu. It usually costs around four bucks.

I set it on the counter next to the wrong gal.  I even helped her put the lid on.

Most of the young ladies charge me 400 yen, no matter how much food I took.

Well, the ugly girl, weighed my meal and told me, it would be 450 yen. So, I gave her 500 yen.

She handed me my food, wrapped up in a plastic bag and, thanked me.

Being, I was trying to stay in a good mood, I didn't say anything about the 50 yen I, didn't get.

Maybe, she was just having a lousy, rainy day, too.  No need to make it worse.

But, I hope she slips and falls in a big puddle, on her way home. Hah !

Back in the shop, that blank paper was staring at me so, I set my hot meal on it for a photo.

Of course, I moved it and had some breakfast, while it was piping hot.

Some eggs, yakisoba, spicy chicken, goya and rice, are a good way to start the day.

My brain still wasn't ready for writing. I decided to go outside for a cigarette.

There's a corrugated roof in the alleyway. That's a good place to smoke and stay dry.

The sound of rain, beating on that roof is relaxing. I started to forget about the fat girl.

Back inside the office, I figured the meal was cool enough, to place in the fridge.

Then, decided I'd rather do some more physical stuff than, sit down and start writing.

Remember, when you were a kid and, went to the beach with your family ?

When, you got done eating, parents would tell you, you have to wait an hour, before swimming.

That's a myth, I believe. Look at Jaws. The guy was always in the water, swimming.

He'd eat people and, keep right on swimming. You, don't need to wait one hour !

So, I wasn't going to wait before, going back to my exercises and weightlifting.

It was so invigorating, I bet I spent four hours doing physical training today.

Every time I went and looked at my desk, that stupid blank page was there. I wasn't ready.

It was starting too look like a Butsu-metsu (bad luck) day.

So, this afternoon I rolled out my sleeping bag and, took a nap.

Toy characters, blank paper and pen, messy desk

It was getting late in the afternoon and, I hadn't written one word, yet.

With creativity at an all time low, I remembered these junk toys, I keep in the shop.

They come in plastic bubbles, on top of coffee cans at convenience stores.

They aren't for me. I buy them, in case any kids come by my office.

Maybe, spreading them around on that page, would give me some ideas.

Toy characters, pen, paper

The thought had occurred to me, "That girl's hair, should be black."

There's a can of black spray paint out behind my shop but, nah.

During rainy season, it would take a few hours to dry or, I'd make a mess.

The story, I'm supposed to be doing, is about how Okinawans first came to the islands.

With all the research, I've done, 1,500 words could easily be written. I'm just not ready.

Start Simple with a Rough Draft

Writer's block is something you have to deal with. It's like having some sort of brain cramp.

Rearranging things a little bit, helped me formulate the story, to where it might work.

Of course, when it gets typed, spellcheck and punctuation, will be utilized.

I'll try to get some photos or sketches to give readers a better understanding of my creation. 

Er maybe, just take another week off from writing.

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