Saturday, May 13, 2017

Animation from Hippie (ヒーピィービーチ) Beach

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This GIF was created May 5 2017 using the iPhone 7 Plus camera.

Every year, during Golden Week, we have our family beach party at this location.

Knowing, thunderstorms were in the forecast, I didn't bring any fancy cameras.

Most of my equipment is water resistant. So, rain really wouldn't have been a problem.

The alcoholic beverages, I knew I'd be consuming, would be cause for ditching cameras.

Thunder was crackling, in the skies, around early in the day but, only a few raindrops fell.

Grandkids, enjoyed beach activities and played in the sand, until sunset.

Behind me, charcoal fires were being tended to by, the younger generation and friends.

Sons, daughters and in-laws, took care of all the cooking and, treated me like a king.

It seemed like, every time I stood up, they thought it meant, I was out of beer.

More than a few pounds of steaks, chicken and grilled vegetables were consumed by me.

And, I believe, I put a good sized dent in a case of beer.

When the sun went down, out came the fireworks and the beach smelled like gunpowder.

Shortly after the smoke drifted away, I thanked everyone for the grand time.

And did the Grandpa thing.  Sneaked a ride back to town and, went to bed.

NOTE:  Google Translate calls ヒーピィービーチ, Heepy Beach.

But, I like the sound of Hippie better so, that's what I call it.

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