Saturday, May 27, 2017

Some Angels Helped with this One

Good Travels Advisor, certificate

What's Good Travels ?

A simple definition: Volunteering while out travelling the world.

It could involve, working on a farm, helping fisherman or, teaching little kids.

Sometimes, it's things like disaster assistance or relief, after a bad storm or earthquake.

Beach cleanups, neighborhood beautification projects, the list could go on and on.

They say, back in the USA about a quarter of the population, does some kind of volunteering.

And, millennials (aged 18-34) are the most generous generation, with their time and money.

Heck, I know lots of people in that generation so, I decided to get myself a certification.

The Travel Agent Academy Made Me Do It  

In order to gain this certification, which cost a few bucks, I had to call for some help.

The course was only offered to agents in North America.  Well, I'm a North American.

The angel's names, won't be published, for (um) privacy reasons.

A couple of them, flew me and my office, over to a place called Sleepy Hollow.

Off I went and arrived in New York State and hurried to finish all the testing.

I had to get back to Okinawa, before sundown and, print my diploma.

Probably, tomorrow morning, I'll go change my address and phone number.  Maybe.

Now that I'm certified, I'll start building a list, for those who'd like to volunteer locally.

Here's a few links, to places some folks may want to checkout:

As more information on volunteerism becomes available, new sites will be added.

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