Friday, April 21, 2017

Travel Photo: Rock Will Tell You If It's a Boy or Girl

Inside a cave, Special stone, marker, Japanese

Niya-thiya Cave or Senin Gama

The cavern is located on Ie Island, Okinawa, Japan and, it has historical significance.

A thousand islanders took shelter here and, survived the Battle of Okinawa. 

In the right lower corner of this image, is a stone of hysterical significance, to me anyway.

Call it the Pregnancy Rock if, you like. Here's what the inscription teaches us.

Pick up that stone, chained to the short pillar and, see how much it strains your muscles.

If  a woman, lifts the stone before long, she'll become pregnant.

The stone heavy ?  That means, the baby will be a boy.

If, it's light, a baby girl will be born.

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