Sunday, April 9, 2017

Flower Photos: African Tuliptree (Spathodea campanulata) in Okinawa

African Tuliptree, Red flowers,Okinawa

Beauty of a Beast

When I first saw these flowers blooming, I thought they were early Deigo Blossoms.

But, the leaves are different so, I did some research and found out what this gem could be.

Plenty of photos were taken, to help with the identification and, I got some facts to share.

1.  The plant's botanical name is Spathodea campanulata and, it's native to Africa.

Drought resistant, it can be grown in containers, indoors.

Spathodea campanulata flowering tree

2. People around the globe, like the pretty red flowers and, started growing them, everywhere.

The plant became an invasive, in many South Pacific locations because, it grows rapidly.

African Tuliptree and flowers

3. Children love to play with the flower buds, before they open, using them as squirt-guns.

red flowers, banana-looking buds

4. People in California and Arizona, can grow these trees in their yards.

banana-like flower buds, red flowers

5. The tree has some medicinal uses but, you should know something before, planting one.

Africans, make poison arrows from part of this tree. I won't tell you how.

If, you see a string of these red flowers at your door, someone thinks you're evil !

Get some of these beauties for your garden by checking the links. Not me !

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