Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Melody Road Got Me Thinking - What a Beautiful Day !

Melody Road Sign

Little Confession First

Always busy, doing something, I don't spend as much time, hunting thieves, as I should.

There's a service I use, called Digimarc which, tracks any photos I post on the internet.

They get about 100 bucks a year, to help me nab folks, who think my images are for free.

It's nice, to think people are honest and, I still believe, most humans are, that way.

Well, I got lazy and, haven't checked Digimarc for a long while. GUILTY !

Three Companies Swiped this Photo

Some photographers would become highly enraged to learn their images were being used.

We're talking about businesses taking images and using them commercially on their websites.

There's a road in Japan, that makes music, as you drive over it and, I SELL ASPHALT.

LOL I got to thinking and, had to dig up this tune on YouTube:

Kind of a goofy old tune from the movie Oklahoma but, this melody is what, I'm singing.

It really is a beautiful day outside and, I don't want to write some long legal letters.

So, I sat here smiling and typed up some real simple letters to the criminals.

"Dear Sirs, I am the copyright holder of that photo, taken on Melody Road in Okinawa.

We can discuss payment for the licensing of the image via (My email address). Classified.

If, my photo is on your website, any longer than, the next 48 hours, I hope you're doing well.

Hopefully, business is fantastic and you are some sort of millionaire. YAY

Because, my attorney and I, are gonna get a bunch from you."

For the Spanish site, I added something a little extra:

"Contact me and, we can discuss payment in English or Spanish.  My Spanish is horrible.

But, the lawyer dude, on vacation at the moment, can handle your language, just fine."

Melody Road in Futami, Nago, Okinawa

It's been a few years since, I've rode along with someone on that highway.

The last time, was with the wife and, we got stuck behind someone driving too slow.

The recommended speed is 40 and, they were only doing 20 kilometers per hour.

The wife said the tune sounded like me, when I'm drunk and singing karaoke.

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