Thursday, April 27, 2017

They Predicted Rain - I Went to the Travel Agent Academy

Certificate Japan Travel Specialist Master's Course

All Part of the Master Plan

The weather gurus were a little bit off with the forecast today but, it didn't kill me.

Up bright and early, I checked the weather channel and, it wasn't looking good.

The rain was supposed to start at 7:30 so, after breakfast, I went back to bed.

Somebody poured way too many beers down my throat last night.

By 9AM, I was stumbling around, as usual, in and out between the garden and kitchen.

And, whacked a toe on something sharp. Ouch, I almost cussed.

The wife noticed the blood, all over the floor. It was probably an hour, after the toe got cut.

So, I told her, "Check the stupid dog. He probably did it."

Before long, it was discovered, my little toe, was where all the blood came from.

Everything's fixed and patched up, now. Maybe, I'll buy her a steak dinner.

Next, I promised there wouldn't be any strenuous exercises or drinking done today.

Leaving the house, I told her and the dog, I was going to school.

Japan Travel Advanced Master

It's not really like graduating from some elite university, with a Master's Degree.

Heck, I've lived over half my life, in Japan. It should be a breeze, for me.

It was a little tricky, though. They made me do the basic course, all over again.

That was completed a few years ago and, I guess, my certification expired. Groan.

It took about two hours of testing, to get me certified so, I could go to the next level.

That series of quizzes and final exams, took another four hours.

It was worth all the effort.  Now, I get access to all kinds of hookups, throughout Japan.

It kept me indoors, most of the day. Now, it's raining and, I forgot my umbrella.

Here's the Plan

No heavy lifting or hiking was what I said, as I left for the office this morning.

Something I saw on the internet, gave me this idea.

Take a yoga mat and place it close to a wall.  Lay down with the feet, propped against the wall.

It's supposed to be good for relaxing and, get blood, back in your brain.

Then, I'll get some takeout steak dinners and, ride a taxi home !

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