Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Fooled Around Today and Went Back to School

Mermaid statue on Moon Beach in Okinawa

Mermaids Had Nothing to Do With It

Some kind of 48 hour thing hit me and, I was cooped up in the house, the past few days.

This morning I told the wife it was time for me to get out even if, it was cloudy and raining.

She worries but, I promised I'd stay in the office and do Travel Agent Academy things.

Marriott Certification, travel agent academy

Travel Agent Academy Certificates

Every once in awhile I visit the academy and take courses to increase my knowledge.

A slow learner, it took me 17 years to complete a Bachelors Degree.

SPG Pro Certificate, Travel Agent Academy

The SPG Pro means, Starwood Preferred Guest. I Guess spg.pro, up there  is cool.

These were some courses, I completed back in February. Two more were pending.

Five star hotels and resorts, aren't the kinds of places, I hangout these days.

But, I had to learn all about them and, what they offer for people who use them. Groan.

The Tests Make My Eyeballs Spit Blood

They have tricky things like pop quizzes, when you least expect them. Grr...

Then, all of a sudden, a final exam comes along and, almost every time they tell me...


Then, I jump up, pound the desk and say, "You must have taught me wrong!"

To calm down, I go outside and laugh, while I smoke a few diet cigarettes.

They have no idea, who they're messing with. I start the class, all over again.

Sheraton Specialist Certificate, Travel Agent Academy

They have Sheraton Resorts and Hotels all over the globe, I'm supposed to remember them all?

Well, I write down notes and, stuff about beaches, golf, skiing and whatnot.

Pop quizzes and final tests, come along.  And, I fail again. But, don't give up.

Even My Teeth Started Sweating

Okinawa, Japan and maybe, some more of Asia, is all I would want my customers to see.

People who want to go to Las Vegas, New York, Canada or Europe, talk to someone else !

Westin Hotels and Resorts Certificate

Westin Resorts and Hotels was another one, I had to complete today.

They are high class establishments but, I liked some of the features they offer.

They feature well-being so, active folks, into fitness and health might enjoy staying with them.

Someone, who enjoys river treks and the great outdoors, would like what they have to offer.

They can hook you up so, you don't have to pack a bunch of sweaty towels in your luggage.

Again, a few failed quizzes and final exams, wouldn't discourage me.

One time, an external drive went flying off my desk. Have to check it out tomorrow.

These four certificates, were what was needed, to complete a portion of Travel Agent Academy.

What's Next ?

Once the weather clears up, I may go out and find some more mermaids to shoot.

If foul weather keeps hanging around, I may be back in school tomorrow.

It looks like United Airlines, could use a little bit of assistance, from a guy like me !

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