Thursday, April 6, 2017

Sometimes People Get in the Way

Photographers and bystanders on a beach

Rituals on a Seashore

A priestess, at an annual event called Abushibare (畦払) is centered in this photo.

The challenge, for me: Get an image of her, isolated from the crowd.

It's sort of a religious ceremony so, I couldn't do what I did last night in a crowded bar.

Yell, "Get out of my way everybody. I gotta pee."

Besides, I know some of those folks with cameras and they're trying to get good photos, too.

From my position I couldn't zoom-in for a good shot so, I went wide angle, to shoot everyone.

priestess, fruit tray,assistant, sand, beach

Moving around a bit, I managed to catch the priestess and her assistant, from an angle.

But, this wasn't exactly the type of composition, I was aiming for.

Priestess bowing and praying, photographers on her left, miniature sailboat

Off to her other side, I was able to capture some good elements of the rituals.

She was talking to the spirits, making offerings and, the wooden sailboat was in the scene.

The plastic cup in the boat, contains some varmint snails, that will be sent out to sea.

Those rascal cameramen, just wouldn't get out of my picture but, I kept quiet.

Priestess isolated, praying, miniature wooden sailboat, offerings

When I did my photo editing some sand and vegetation, made them disappear.

With a bit more touching-up, I'll have a nice printed photo, to give the subject, this year.

Should she ask, how I managed to get the other photographers out of the image, I'll tell her.

"It was easy. I shoveled sand over them until, they all got covered up."

Priestess, photographers, people heading to ocean

Once that sailboat is launched at sea, the rituals are completed and everyone goes home.

Before departing, I went and spoke to the priestess, which kind of surprised her.

She was friendly, smiled and tried to give me some of the offerings. I politely declined.

Last year, I decided to walk back to my office and, it was quite a hike.

This year if, she tries to give me some of the sake, I may accept. Somebody can drive me home !

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