Thursday, November 3, 2016

Pampas Grass in Motion (GIF) from Kin Dam

Uncooperative Birds Inspired

Weather Guru's were wrong, again today so, off to the dam, I went with a camera.

Let's backup, a minute so, you can see how this adventure got started.

In the dimly lit sleeping quarters, I occupy, the clock said, "6" so, I got up.

Sleep still in my eyes, I stumbled to the kitchen and, let the dog out, along the way.

Normal routine, drink iced coffee and smoke a few cigarettes, check the weather report.

During the second cup of coffee, I focused on the clock, in a room with lights on.

Eyes wide open, I made a discovery. It was three o'clock in the morning. Grr...

Pampas grass blowing in the wind

Little Things Shouldn't Let You Down

By 8 O'clock, I decided the weatherman was wrong.  It was windy but, a nice sunny day.

So, I packed some lunch, grabbed a tripod and camera and, walked to the Kin Dam.

The Big Sigma, with a converter attached, gave me 700MM of lens.

A couple of bird shots were taken but, none worth saving, in my opinion.

Hiking halfway around the dam, it started getting hungry out there. So, I ate.

Ospreys flew around a few times but, never in the right light.

It's best, to shoot birds, when the sun turns their eyes golden. Didn't happen.

On the return trip, I planned to exit the dam from up, above the Kin Bridge.

Late afternoon, that's a good spot, to catch ospreys flying, sometimes.

The wind was picking up and, my stomach started telling me, I was wasting my time.

To entertain myself, while waiting for birds, to not show-up, I composed this scene.

THere's no sense, walking to the damn dam and, coming home empty handed.

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