Tuesday, November 22, 2016

I Got Tired of Flipping the Bird

So I Went and Flipped a Fish

There was so much excitement today, I didn't have much time to prepare a blog.

Aquarium fish facing right

Shortly after I woke up this morning, an earthquake hit in Mainland Japan.

From the news, I saw on TV, everything seems to be alright.

Next, the wife woke up and came into the kitchen. Usually, I escape before that happens.

We greet each other, just like most people, who are married. Good morning.

Then, she has to grab my smartphone, to look a Facebook stuff.

She still has one of those anique flip-phones and, is learning, to swipe, on mine.

Once she masters the art, I'll let her keep the thing and, buy me an iPhone 7 Plus.

She's getting fairly good at it. Even swipes newspaper and magazine stuff, to enlarge it.

While she's checking everything on Facebook, I have another cup of coffee.

Knowing, the battery of the android, will drop to 40%, I take my time getting ready for work.

Pretty soon the smartphone has 17 apps running in the background and it's overheating.

She hasn't learned how to fix that, yet. That's a good thing. I put the phone in the charger.

By the time, I get showered and ready to leave the house, it's past 9 AM.

Beautiful Blue Sky with White Clouds

After the miserable grey skies and rain, we had yesterday, I was ecstatic.

Taking a photo with the android, I thought it would be a good idea, to post it on Facebook.

That way, everybody, following me, could see Okinawa, wasn't affected by the earthquake.

Some errands, had to be run and, I considered going shooting with the camera.

The best outdoor photography, is usually done before 9 AM and, after 3 PM.

Getting a late start, I decided there was enough office work, to keep me busy.

If, enough was accomplished by early afternoon, I'd do some walking and shooting.

The Office Routine

There are two computers on my desk, a Big Mac and a Sony laptop.

Processing photos (developing and editing) keeps one computer fairly busy.

While images are cooking (batch processing) I play around on the other machine.

Emails, social networks and, various other office chores, get done that way.

When the real important things get caught up, I entertain myself, with Facebook.

People are still riled-up over the elections in the USA.  It's over folks.

Some folks are rioting, protesting, disowning and unfriending, each other over an election !

They should find some good music or, hilarious funny stuff to share.

Office Work Not My Cup of Tea

Being at a desk, staring at monitors for long periods of time probably, isn't good for your health.

So, I take breaks every once in awhile, to go outside, where I smoke and stretch.

Sunshine, gives me vitamin D and recharges my solar battery, I swear I was born with.

Each time, I went out, I wished there wasn't so much administrative stuff to do.

I shake off the office blues by doing some exercises, while soaking up some sun.

Once, I read that elderly people, should lift something over their head, 10 time daily.

It doesn't have to be heavy, just lift anything and, it's good for your circulation.

Well, I found a cement block out back and, that's what I use. Ten repetitions each time.

One thing I learned, is don't try doing it too fast.  It makes bumps on your noggin and, hurts.

Weather Changed in Late Afternoon

Once, I had something to run, down to the printing office and, took my break that way.

Instead of going to the guy on the street corner, near my work, I went for a long walk.

The sun was shining brightly on the way down there and, I was happy.

No sooner than the printing got done, the sky turned grey and, I shuffled on back.

Fooling around all day in this office can dampen a guy's mood.

Customers are waiting for some important photos, from the weekend; I'm trying to get caught up.

Aquarium fish facing laft

When times get rough, it's best to maintain a sense of humor.

Demonstrating, rioting in the streets and, flipping the bird, don't solve problems.

So, I flipped a fish, for you, instead !

Aquarium Fish Photos from Seaside Ristorante

NOTE for Those Concerned About Family in Okinawa

Okinawa is far away from any disaster area in Mainland Japan

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