Sunday, November 27, 2016

The Cold-brewed Coffee Experience

It Started a Few Months Ago

A friend gave me a bag of coffee from Brazil only, he calls it Brasil. OK.

An iced coffee fanatic, I took the ingredients to my office, to make my own home brew.

The first bunch of coffee, got used and, he gave me another one. I just finished it today.

Cold-brew coffee ingredients on a messy table

The mess above, is the way I make coffee, on a spare desk, in my office.

What you see, is some containers, coffee grounds were soaking in, for about a week.

There's a bunch of recycled coffee cans and, some filtering gadgets.

Coffee spilled on floor and newspapers to soak it up

No photography was planned for today but, along came this opportunity.

The first paper type filters, I was using, were taking too long and, clogging up.

When, I switched to a faster filter, the coffee overflowed and, went everywhere.

That gave me the idea, to run and grab a camera and some old newspapers.

Things like this just, don't happen every day around here, you know.

Coffee grounds, pitcher, cans, spilled coffee

Those coffee grounds, turn into mud and make some wicked black coffee.

When people heat their coffee, they don't know, what they are missing out on.

The stuff I got today, looks like some engine oil that never got changed in 10 years.

Coffee cans, cream, sugar

One lump of sugar and a pack of powdered cream, for each can, is my preference.

Some folks might like it straight up or, sweeter but, I was making it, for me.

A glass pitcher of water was nuked, to make the cream and, dissolve the sugar.

Once the cans are topped off, they get capped, rinsed-off and, shaken.

rag, newspapers, girly calendar, pitcher

Then, I grabbed a towel, old girly calendar and some newspapers and cleaned up the spills.

If, it ever quits raining around here, the coffee grounds will go out in the compost pile.

A bucket of water, some vinegar and mop, will be used to clean the floor.

Or, I could just repaint it, with coffee colored enamel.  Huh ?

Coffee cans in refridgerator

Twelve cans were filled with my special brewed coffee today and, they're in the fridge.

Excuse me. Eleven, are in there.  I drank one and, it was delicious.

When the wife, sees this blog post, I bet she'll be glad, I didn't try this at home !

Visit Simply Recipes if, you want to try making cold-brew coffee. I'm still experimenting.

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