Friday, November 18, 2016

5 Images Shot Under Sunny Skies in Kunigami

November Is Becoming a Favorite Month

The heat is tolerable and the typhoon threat should have ended for the year.

Ideal weather, for being outdoors, led to a trip on the northeast side of the island.

There was no plan, other than, get out of town and, shoot some cameras.

Abandoned ferry boat, beached near the ocean

The first interesting subject that popped up was, this abandoned boat.

It's got to be the original, Queen Izena ferry. How cool is that ?

It makes you wonder, why no one thought of putting it on display in a museum.

Someone did, paint "Clean Yo Beach" on the side. That sounds like a good idea.

Rocks jutting out of sea close to shore

A little farther north, these rocks caught my attention.

During low tide fishermen, climb them and, sit out there, hoping to catch some big ones.

If, I had to go fishing for food, I'd starve to death. It's not in my bag of tricks.

But, some folks can stay out there all day, not catch any and, still be happy.

One of my friends says, "A bad day of fishing, beats a good day, stuck at home!"

bird, osprey perched on an offshore rock

The big lenses stayed home today and, that was a mistake.

The Osprey was perched on an offshore rock and, this photo was taken at 350MM.

If a larger lens was used, I believe, there was a fish in that guy's talons.

That's alright, a bad day with the camera, beats being stuck in my office.

Japanese sign, Think Globally, Act Yanbarly

This Japanese sign, cheered me up, when I spotted some funny English on it.

"Think Globally, Act Yanbarly" sounds like a nice thing to do. Don't you think ?

Yanbaru or, Yambaru, is what the northern area is called, in local dialect.

People around the globe should act like Yambaru folks and, the world could be a better place.

Somebody, coined a new phrase and, wants us all, to act Yanbarly.

Well, I'll drink to that as soon as, I get out of this office. Go out and be Yanbarly, to everybody.

Kouri Island Bridge, rock at sea, Kunigami, Yanbaru, Okinawa

This last photograph was taken, heading south on the highway, to get home.

Confirmation is pending but, I think it may be a special rock formation.

If, my suspicions are confirmed, there's a juicy story, I can tell you, later.

Unlike many news outlets, these days, I think, it's important to tell the truth.

So, we'll have to wait for an expert's opinion before, I can give you the details.

Giving some rock in the ocean, a false name, wouldn't be a very Yanbarly thing to do.

Don't you agree ?

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