Thursday, November 10, 2016

Animations: Don't Wanna Be No Dam Worker No More

It Seemed Like an Interesting Career

It's enjoyable, walking around the dam with a camera, Observing the wildlife.

When the weather is right, I may spend 10-12 hours of the day outdoors.

I might walk to the ocean and, follow the river, up to the dam.

Or, start by walking around the reservoir and, finish by walking the length of the river.

By now, everybody working at the Kin Dam, must recognize me.

3 workers sitting down, one climbing the dam spillway

Sometimes, I see the dam workers, driving patrol vehicles around on hot days.

Others, can be seen taking a boat, to do whatever they have planned.

It got me thinking, being a dam employee, might be a pretty cool way to earn a living.

But, one morning, no birds were flying so, I entertained myself, shooting this.

Three guys, in the bottom corner, were watching this guy, climb the spillway.

Dam employee with rope, halfway up the dam spillway

He, used a skimpy, little ladder, to get halfway up the dam spillway.

We can be fairly certain, he wasn't the foreman, of the crew.

Maybe, he was a new member on the team. What if the dam, sprung a leak, while he was up there?

Hah. I bet they told him, what to do if, something like that happened.

Just plug it with yer finger, until we get some cement to repair the hole.

Dam worker, rope and ladder

The three crewmen, down below, departed the scene so, I watched the workman.

If he slipped and fell, I'd run and get some help. Where did everybody go ?

It's hard to tell. Maybe they went for a coffee break; it was too early to be lunchtime.

Once, I saw him get safely, back on the ground, I felt relieved.

A tune, from way back, popped into my head. Don't stick me on a dam, like that.

I'd come down off that spillway, go find the boss and, let him know something about the job.

What, I would tell him, is something similar, to this:

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