Saturday, November 19, 2016

What's Better Airbnb or a Capsule Hotel ?

Both Are Inexpensive

Think of them as a notch above sleeping in a tent but, not quite five star hotels.

Over the past few months, I have experienced each of them, for the first time.

When traveling as a photographer, I carry lots of equipment, to get my business done.

Someone, who travels light, might enjoy the savings available at either, type of lodging.

Airbnb room, cameras, laptop, backpack

Last weekend, this was my air-conditioned quarters in Itoman City.

My gracious host, told me, to make myself at home. So, that's what I did.

Went in the shower and, I liked her shampoo so much, I used it all over my hairy body

Then, got out of the house, to do some karaoke and beer drinking.

Everything was still there when I returned and, the place only cost about 30 bucks a night.

Capsule lodging. sleep in a box

Back during the month of June, I stayed in this rabbit hutch-type of accommodations.

It was fairly cheap, too. About 12 bucks or, 1200 Yen in Japanese currency.

Here, my backpack, camera bags and equipment, were stored in a common area.

Had I been traveling, without photography gear, I wouldn't worry about theft.

Fortunately, nothing was missing, when I floated back to the place.

That, left me with around twenty more dollars, to spend on entertainment.

It Depends on Your Travel Style

I had heard of Airbnb before but, never experienced a stay at such a place.

Since returning from Itoman, I'm sold and, even opened an account with them.

It's not like, I'll quit camping, sleeping in caves, under the stars or, on park benches.

When toting a few thousand dollars of cameras and lenses, I don't mind spoiling myself.

So, I'd prefer a room, where the equipment is under lock and key.

If Narumi, keeps buying that Pantene Shampoo and Conditioner, I'll go back there, again.

If, I go down south without cameras, I might stop by and sleep in a rabbit hutch, instead !

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