Saturday, November 5, 2016

Along the Okukubi River -- A Few Images

Mangrove trees and roots reflections

Reflections at the End of the Day

There weren't any outstanding Osprey photos taken today but, that happens sometimes.

About ten hours was spent, walking both sides of the river with the Pentax K1.

It was equipped with 420MM of lens and, mounted on a tripod.

Osprey in flight

My feathered friends, made a few pass overs, at great distances from the camera.

This one, was so high in the sky, I should have laid down on my back, to take the shot.

bird, mangrove trees, river, reflections

In order, to straighten out the crick in my neck, I started looking down at the scenery.

This was the first time, I ever used all that lens, for reflection photography.

Mangrove trees, roots, river, reflections

Normally, a photo like this, would be taken with a wide angle lens.

Photographers, just don't use, 420MM of glass, to shoot this kind of scenery.

It makes me think, "Which planet do, you live on, when not visiting earth?"

GIF, Mangrove trees and Grey Heron

Carrying all that weight, I decided, more bird shots, should be taken on the way home.

This Grey Heron, wasn't very large and, way across the river from me.

Several shots were taken, in continuous shooting mode, to create this animation.

The birds, didn't exactly, make my day but, a few reflections made it all worthwhile.

There's a good chance, I'll travel that route, again tomorrow.

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