Monday, November 7, 2016

Tree Photos: Manila Palm (Adonidia merrillii) Look at Those Nuts !

Christmas Palm tree

Also Called a Christmas Palm


Meandering through the countryside, in the middle of nowhere, I rounded a bend and saw this.

The legs and back were aching, from four hours of hiking so, I was looking for a spot to rest.

When I spotted those bright red berries, I almost said, "Holy Christmas!"

But, nobody was around, to hear me so, I just set the tripod down and took a break.

Manila Palm tree near sugarcane field

The red and green berries are about at eyeball level if, I stood next to that palm tree.

Back at the office, I spent a few hours researching this specimen.

Over at ARKive, I got the scientific name and, learned it's a (NT) Near Threatened species.

Then, I went a checked some other sites, to make sure, I didn't misidentify the tree.

Some gal, named Jacqueline, can tell you all, you need to know about these palm trees.

If, you wanted to, she could teach you how to grow them in a bucket, inside your home.

Are the Fruits or Nuts Edible ?

Knowing, someone will ask, I did some more research, just for the heck of it.

This page: Edible Palms and Their Uses, gives lots of information.

Adonidia merrillii they tell you, the seeds are sometimes a substitute for betelnut.

Dade County Florida expert agents, on this sort of stuff, lets you know.

The Fact Sheet was published in the year 2000. So, I dug a little further.

Christmas Palm tree red and green nuts, circular stripes on tree trunk bark

Closely Look at the Nuts and Bark

The circular ridges in the bark, helped positively identify this tree.

And, the nuts, being sort of acorn-shaped, gave me confirmation, that it was a Manila Palm.

If, you have any palm, that look like this, in your neighborhood, you'll know, for sure.

Whether those things are a healthy substitute for betelnuts or, not, you can decide.

Hanging around Asia, for over half my life, you'd never catch me chewing betel nuts.

Just in case, you think you'd like to try some, take a peek at this first:

Betcha change yer mind !

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