Sunday, November 6, 2016

The Answer Is Blowin in the Wind -- My Friends

It's Sort of Bamboozling


The news about the 2016 US Presidential Elections confuses people, sometimes.

Because, I was born in the USA, people ask me who the next president will be.

That's a tough one to answer and, I try to simplify things.  I don't really know.

Maybe, I fell asleep back in high school or, wherever they teach political stuff.

Pretty much a two party system, the choices are narrowed down to, two people.

gif, bamboo leaning right

There's a Republican party and a Democratic party.

Most folks consider the Republicans, as leaning towards the right but, they don't always.

gif, left leaning bamboo

Democrats are often called, left leaning people. Some, lean farther to the left than, others.

Well, I don't lean to the left or right.  Occasionally, you'll catch me leaning forward.

And, after the pack, comes off my back, I might sit down and, lean back.

Every now and then, just like with dogs, a left and a right, might mingle.

They would be, sorta like mongrels. Not all of them are bad dogs. Some, better than pedigrees.

They don't get a chance to be president, unless somebody gives them billions of dollars.

Poor bastards. I never vote so, it don't matter, anyway.

Suppose You Were Going to Buy a Bamboo Plant

Looking at those animations, which one do like best ?

One is leaning to the left and, the other leans to the right. Fine and dandy. Pick your favorite.

Before, plunking your money down, to take the tree home, ask yourself a few questions.

Does it have healthy roots and soil, that won't contaminate my garden ?

Has it ever gone through a storm and will it survive if, one comes along ?

What are the plant's origins and, who am I financing, when I buy it ?

Bamboo stems are hollow.  Are any foreign bugs or worms, hiding inside ?

Then say, "Hey Mr. Nurseryman, can you guarantee this will be a satisfactory transaction?"

Bless his soul, Bob Dylan, explained things, better than, I can in this song:


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