Saturday, June 24, 2017

Late Night Interviews and Watashi - Bad Mix

A Gal Walks Into a Bar

Friday night found me, starting off in a noisy Brazilian bar um, drinking beer.

In came an Okinawan friend of mine, with some young lady, I had never met before.

Some soft conversation (which I couldn't hear) took place and, he left her with me.

From the little bit, I could figure out, she was a freelance writer, wanting to do an interview.

Fluent in Japanese (because, that's where she's from) I tried finding this on my iPhone:

Ryukyu Shimpo newspaper article, interview, Japanese

It was an interview, the Ryukyu Shimpo newspaper had done on me.

All in Japanese, I figured it would make things go much smoother and, I wouldn't need to talk.

But, whenever I get to drinking things like this, fail to appear on my cell-phone.

Today, I dug this up, out of my files and, am posting it, just for the heck of it.

The gal doing interviews, got someone else, to talk to and, I went back to drinking.

Along came a Brazilian friend and two gals and, we drank, talked and, generally had fun.

Pretty soon, along came the wife, who had been merrymaking in another bar.

Everyone got introduced and, off we went, to do a bit of barhopping.

At the next two stops, the "interview gal" showed up again but, I never got interviewed.

It's probably best, to talk to me, when the sun is still in the sky, not in a bar.

It was good to hear, from the wife, that this gal, was very polite and sincere.

In my case, I want to make sure, I don't get questioned, by someone with an axe to grind.

They have Pro-USA and Anti-USA folks, funded by groups, to interrogate Americans.

Politics, is something I avoid whether it's national or international. They are all funded.

The last time I saw the gal, she asked me if, I'd be out Saturday night, for an interview.

Maybe, I don't know.

National Geographic Traveler Blog

Online Profile

It seems like a good idea, to create an iPhone accessible profile, for writers.

The gal, wanting an interview, couldn't access much about me on her smartphone.

And, I couldn't figure out how to show her, much about, where I've been published, either.

Tonight, I shot a photo of this old, Intelligent Travel article, I had done.

It just shows a bit from the National Geographic Intelligent Travel Blog.

Webmasters come and go and sometimes, links get broken, as happened to the article above.

Luckily, I shot and framed the headline of that article and, still have the story.

It can be tweaked, touched-up and, sold somewhere else, as an original story.

Some background, about this site, has been posted on this blog.

Tonight, I'll make a quick stop, at a few watering holes and, see if, that gal is still out there.

If, not maybe, I'll have a few beers and, tell everyone, I'm sorry I missed her !

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