Monday, June 5, 2017

15 Images from Yohena Hydrangea Gardens

Flowers blossoming in Okinawa

Hydrangea Are Ajasai Flowers

In a bit of a rush, I'll be short on words tonight. The hills were exploding with colors.

A quick tour that lasted about an hour, netted me over 100 photos.

Pink, blue, lavender and white hydrangea blossoms

Near the entrance to the gardens, you can see orchards in the background.

Hillsides full of hydrangea blossoms

About a hundred yards up the hill, I look across towards Mrs.Yohena's house.

She is 100 years old this year and, I was more interested in seeing her than, the flowers.

My wife knows, I like to fool around, hug and kiss elderly ladies. So, that was the plan.

Young women, tourists posing among hydrangea flowers

Young women, posing with the flowers, were taking photos together.

I got their permission, to photograph and, continued to travel uphill.

Blue and pink flowers

They have all kinds of flowers in those hills, not just hydrangea.

The name of those ping ones dangling in the wind, slips my mind at the moment.

Flower experts, know that sort of thing so, you can go ask, one of them.  I'm in a hurry.

Looking downhill at the entrance to gardens, flowers

Mrs. Yohena's son, had met me going up the hill. I call him Yohenasan.

That's because, were friends but, I keep forgetting his first name. Yehonasan is alright.

He knows, I'm an old guy and probably, forget names every chance, I get.

He said, his mom was in the hospital and, wouldn't be at the top of the hill, this year.

hydrangea flowers, lady with black hat

What if Yehonasan, was trying to play a trick on me ?  I kept climbing up the hill.

In the photo above, there's a gal, wearing a black hat.  Can you find her ?

Blue hydrangea blossoms

If, these flowers were edible, I'd like them a lot more. They smell good.

Not, like some perfumes girls wear, that give you a headache.

OK It's Halftime Break

A guy can only say so much about flowers so, let's talk about something different.

Just a minute and then, we can go back to flowery stuff. OK ?

Flowers and trees

A long time ago, I was taking night classes at a community college, outside the USA.

During the day, I worked. To get educated, I had to take nighttime courses.

It was one of those 101 Psychology, Anthropology or, whatever classes, you need to get started.

There were maybe, 25-30 students in attendance and, I sat behind this pretty girl.

She turned around and said, "You want a little pussy?"

That shocked me awake.  I'll bet my face turned as red as that tree in the photo above.

Then she says, "My cat had kittens and, I want to give them away."

So, I relaxed and said, "No thanks, I'm a dog person."

  Break time came along and I went outside to have a smoke.  She started coming towards me.

It was the first time, I really got to look at her from up front. What a beauty.

She she had, (How do you say?)  Two huge, I mean humongous....

Salami sandwiches on Seedless Jewish Rye Bread.  And, she gave me one !

Now, that I got that out of my system, we can go back to Yohena Gardens.

Handrails line paths through the gardens

For those who like to walk the steep paths through the hills, there are handrails.

Me, I prefer to stay on the paved walkways and, not climb stairs.

People are friendly and, you never know, where they may have traveled from.

Some speak Chinese, Japanese, English or Korean, you just have to ask.

This couple, gave me permission, to photograph just, by using hand signals.

It was like, "OK" and they "OK'd" me back. Click, click, click.

Family posing among flowers

Yohenasan was taking photos of this Okinawan family, as I descended the hill.

They had heard me, talking as I went uphill and were surprised, I spoke their language.

No problems, getting their consent, to photograph.

tree and hanging moss

The plant, hanging from that tree, reminds me of Spanish Moss.

That will require some research, as it doesn't seem like local vegetation, to me.

Mrs. Yohena in the rafters

There's the gal, I came to see, up in the rafters of a building.

The photo was composed in this fashion, for a reason. I wasn't going home without it.

Wife said, I could give Mrs. Yohena a kiss and a hug and, that's what I'm gonna do.

Plus, I'm trying to teach my better half, what rafters are; rafters and eaves.

I'll tell her, the eaves are on the other side of the wall  and, see if, she turns the picture over !

Close-up of a hydrangea blossom

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