Monday, June 12, 2017

Rainy Days in Okinawa - Go to School in Mexico

Magic of Mexico Specialist Certificate

It Was Virtual Travel

When I departed the house this morning, I told the wife and dog, what I'd be doing.

The weekend was a brutal one and, I'm still recovering from the escapades, which took place.

It looks as if, we're scheduled to have downpours, thunder and lightening for the next few days.

Ideal weather for leaving the cameras locked up and, visiting the Travel Agent Academy.

Mexico is an alright place to visit and, I've been there a few times, over the years.

To get this certificate, I got to see, every nook and cranny of the country.

Geography, culture, history and, all the major tourist attractions, were some of the items.

A little bit of Spanish, is always thrown in the mix because, it's important.

People can't just yell, "Hancho" and, think they'll get a taxicab, like some folks do around here.

Most places, around the world, "Taxi" will get you over. I won't teach you Spanish.

The hardest part of this course, was all the Mayan and Aztec words, I had to memorize.

Then, as soon as, I pass all the tests and get my diploma, you can guess, what I do.

It's a simple as erasing an SD card from my camera. Delete everything !

If, anyone needs information about Mexico, I've got it, stored on an external hard drive.

And, the Mexico Tourism folks, gave me access, to anything else, I may need in the future.

Normally, I wouldn't go out drinking on a Monday night and, I never drink Tequila.

However, I feel it's appropriate, to stop by one of my watering holes tonight.

Order up a round of Jose Cuervo for me and the barkeeper.

And, say Salud !

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