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Guy in a Green Hat Walks into a Bar

Elderly gent singing karaoke, GIF

Not Seen in Okinawa Everyday 


Those John Deere caps are scarce and treasured items, in this part of the world.

And, I've never met a person, wearing one who I wouldn't consider a friend.

Back in my farming days, we used to say, "Nothing runs quite like a Deere."

That phrase could probably be twisted around and used for people who wear those hats, too.

Yea. Nothing runs quite like people topped off with John Deere headwear.

The animated character in the GIF above, I've known for more than a few years.

We bump into each other on the internet, all the time. That's how we came to be friends.

We cross paths, once in a blue moon, out in the field but, never drank together.

Friday night, we were supposed to get together, for some full moon photography.

The plan was, to shoot the moon then, do some bar hopping in my territory.

We live on opposite sides of the island so, he had to be careful about driving his car.

The rascal, showed up at my office with some young gal, as his driver.

The moon, was the only part of the equation, that didn't cooperate but, that was alright.

It gave us a headstart. That meant more time for us to, act like lunatics and go drinking.

Gotta Love Google Maps



People worried about privacy can turn their location OFF but, I keep mine switched ON.

That way if, I forget where I was the night before, I can go back and look at my Timeline.

It comes in handy for things like law enforcement, too.

Supposing, some guy with a white beard, throws a rock through the whorehouse window.

When the cops come around, I can show them. It wasn't one of us.

We were way over on the other end of town, too far away to throw rocks. Lookit my phone !

First Stop




It was close to 8PM when, we visited Bar & Cafe Brasil. 

Friday nights that place gets, standing room only, packed with customers.

They get Marines in there, who look like tattooed bodybuilding monsters, having fun.

Loud music is playing and, action movies are on a widescreen TV, too.

The crowd is always friendly and, some of the tattooed bodies are girls, with big muscles.

Me and the guy in the green hat drank beers. The gal with us had Brazilian soft drinks.

We had to make sure, the designated driver, was taken care of.

So, whenever, she had to pee, I would escort her to the ladies room and, stand guard outside.

After a couple of beers, we decided to make room, for more customers and, left that place.

Off to an Irish Pub



The John Deere dude, decided some whiskey would be nice to have, next.

So, I showed him the way to Bingo's Pub but, told him, I'd stick with my beer.

The joint was fairly crowded but, friendly folks got us our own table.

Loud Irish music is always playing and, there's a jovial smoke-filled atmosphere.

When, I asked our driver if, she liked karaoke, she said "Yes."

That would be good. After 3 or 13 beers, I'm ready to do some singing. So, off we went.

Karaoke Time


Just a few doors down the street, we hit the Cafe 104.

It's rarely crowded in this bar and, the owner is always happy to see me.

We were the only customers and, it was quiet enough to hear each other's conversations.

Plus, I didn't have to worry about the young lady, going to use the bathroom.

Drinking and singing, was mostly what we did and maybe, some conversating.

The guy in the green hat, doesn't do things like this very often, I could tell.

We were having a blast but, I worry about folks, drinking too many different kinds of booze.

To me, it's like physical training. Drink regularly, to keep in shape.

Supposing a war broke out and, you weren't used to being drunk. That'd be dangerous.

But, if your body is used to it, you could put up a hell of a fight, anyway.

Stagger to Next Bar


About this time, I'm sure our driver was starting to worry about, us walking.

We shuffled down the road aways, to the Club Peace.

It's a good sized establishment and, wasn't overly crowded. Everybody there, knows me.

Sometimes, they have jam sessions and, you'd be amazed at the talent displayed on stage.

There may be local musicians, mixed with some of the military crowd, playing in the band.

Some young Marine, was singing and bouncing around and, he was really good.

When he finished his song, I told him, "You should quit your daytime job."

We were sitting on sofas and had two tables, all to ourselves, over in a corner.

It was kind of comfortable and, the girl didn't have to worry about us going to pee.

The young guy, kept going back onstage and singing 50s-60s type songs.

Unfortunately, we discovered some long-haired wigs, the customers can play with.

That was the first time, I ever saw the green cap, come off the John Deere dude.

Fooling around with the wigs and, dancing around the room, seemed like the thing to do.

Green hat dude, got onstage, wearing some psychedelic colored, long-haired wig and danced.

Not long after that, he discovered some serious back pain. Not a problem.

For some reason, I happened to be wearing a stretchy, back support and, didn't really need it.

Off it came and the gal, helped wrap the thing around, the now-groaning, green hat dude.

One Last Bar



Another theory, I have is, what's best for a wrenched back, when you're drinking.

That would be, find a comfortable spot to take things easy and, drink some more.

So, we sauntered across a field and stumbled into Bar Patra.

All the gals there, know where my favorite spot is, at the counter and, hooked us up.

They had some customers move, to get three bar stools for my guests.

It's close to the bathrooms but, they don't really know, why I chose that location.

Top Secret: The air-conditioning controls, are right next to me.  And, I know how to operate !

It was past the Cinderella hour and, we tipped a few more drinks before, calling it a night.


In Case You Were Wondering



Everyone made it home safely and, no one was seriously injured, making this episode happen.

Figure if, the guy with the John Deere hat keeps practicing, we'll whip him into great shape.

Five bars in one night is, no great accomplishment but, a good start.

Maybe, once a month or so, we'll get together again and, build up our portfolios.

The Guy with the green hat, who walked into all these bars, is known as Okinawa Soba.

Visit him on Flickr and, you could spend hours, learning from him.

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