Thursday, June 22, 2017

Cloud Therapy on a Hot Day in Kin Town

Summer's Here

Rainy season has officially ended in Okinawa, Japan and it's sweltering hot.

Trying to be thrifty, I'm holding-off, turning the air-conditioners on to keep cool.

Just a few fans in the office and at home have kept things comfortably cool.

Last night, I went out to see how the AC was working in a few bars.

It's much nicer, when someone else is footing the electric bill.

Along came some (what you might call) explosive people and, I enjoyed their company.

We had so much fun and, drank so much beer, I sort of floated home.

The result , was something like, I didn't go to work until around noon today.

A project I'm working on, kept me tied up at the office all day.

Every time, I stepped out the door for nicotine replacement purposes, I looked at the sky.

It would be criminal of me, not to capture some photos of today's skies.

So, between 4 and 5PM, I got up on the roof with a camera and tripod.

About 48 of the photos, taken today were made into this slideshow.

The processing of images for the task, I was supposed to be doing, can wait for another day.

It's time for me, to go check out the bars again and, make sure nobody's exploding.

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