Thursday, June 29, 2017

Travel Transportation Shot: Queen Zamami

Ferry at Tomari Port boud for Zamami-jima

Visiting Outer Islands

Just a quick post before the laptop gets thrown in my backpack.

The cameras and lenses are packed away for a three day excursion, off this island.

Weather permitting, it will  be a blast and, I'll return with 100's of seagoing images.

For sure, all the sailing sabani crews, are praying for calm seas and blue skies.

WiFi service may be a little tricky, at times so, I may not be able to post every day.

This will be by 5th year in a row, taking photos of the sabani races.

Previous Sailing Sabani Race photos may be seen by typing "Zamami" in the search block above.

If, for some reason, the seas and wind, don't cooperate, I'll try something different.

Maybe, take some photos of museums and nightlife, for a change !

Photo Location: Tomari Port Naha, Okinawa, Japan

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