Friday, June 9, 2017

Quicker Than Lightening in Reverse: Chile Specialist

Chile Specialist Certificate

It Took Place in Okinawa

 Sitting in the office, I plodded through batteries of travel classes and tests.

The Travel Agent Academy offered this course on Chile.

There were things like history, geography, language and transportation.

Now, I can hook you up with this diverse land that stretches out like a shoestring.

Send you anywhere from the driest desert in the world, to Easter Island if, you'd like.

And, I know how to get you to Robinson Crusoe Island or Antarctica, too.

The tests were taken yesterday, on June 8th 2017 and, I finally passed.

Things happened so quickly, my certificate was dated June 7th. But, I won't complain.

This happens to be another country, added to my travel advisor profile.

What's It Got to Do with Okinawa ?

Just as much as, Hawaii, Mexico, Switzerland or, any other course I've taken.

While, I'm qualifying, I see all the special highlights, countries have to offer to travelers.

What might appeal to the visitors, depending upon their travel style.

Exploration, water sports, bird watching, golf, spa treatments, hiking, shopping are some.

The travel bureaus promoting destinations, have to entice customers.

Once, inside and I graduate from the destination courses, I get permanent access to materials.

Some countries do better than others at showcasing their positive attributes.

Take the best of the best and, don't copy but, utilize their methods, to promote tourism.

Okinawa, could use some promotion and, I'm learning, how to provide something different.

Standby for more.....

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