Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Likeable Lichen of the Year: Facts and Photos

Old Man's Beard, lichen, tree

It Resembles Spanish Moss

Twice, I visited Yohena Gardens this month and, that plant caught my attention.

Researching it, didn't take long because, I shot a photo of the tag, hanging from the specimen.

Saruogase (サルオガセ) was the name written in Japanese.

With that information, I plugged into a Japanese search engine and learned plenty.

Old Man's Beard lichen mounted on a coat hanger in a tree

Botanical Name: Usena

Common English: Old Man's Beard

Japanese Name: Saruogase (サルオガセ)

Native to: Just about any forest in the world

Uses: Medical Herbalism, Fire Starter and, To Scare People

Herbalists, Scientists and Witchdoctors

Remember this first: Just because I research it, doesn't mean I am a doctor.

The hairy looking plant has been used by Europeans, Native Americans and Chinese.

If, you want to drink some concoction or, stuff it up holes in your body, follow the links.

Some references, I trust, others we, can't be too sure of. They could be quacks.

At the Medicine Woman's Roots, learn how to make teas and tinctures.

Conservacion Patagonia News, reports, the antibiotic plant, treats lung infections.

Eat the Weeds and Other Things to, nibbles on it for carbohydrates and Vitamin C.

Gardenweb Forums has terrestrial information on growing  Usena.

The Herbalist's Path, gives a world history of the plant's usage as a food and medicine.

Ladies with yeast infections, at Susunweed, learn how to, add this to vodka, for treatments.

Northern Woodlands, reports the plant is stronger than penicillin.

Safety Issues, concerning internal usage of the herb, are addressed HERE.

Sustainable Homesteading, gives internal and external uses for Usena.

Those wishing to visit a Japanese Website, may want to check Mountain Wildflowers.

Some mountain folks, claim the herb is used to treat hysterical women.

And, it can stop men from cheating, too !

Armed with All this Information

Some conclusions, come to mind. I'll ask Yohena if, I can take some Saruogase home.

Sounds like it would be nice, to have some hanging from a tree in the garden.

It helps remove pollution from the air and, would be a good treatment for wounds.

Internally, I would probably, never use the stuff. Maybe, test it on the dog.

Women who get yeast infections, that's something I think, they could fix, without this plant.

Just remember, to always buy your yeast from a reliable source and, it shouldn't get infected.

Ask any dude. We get all our yeast from beer and, never get yeast infections !

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