Sunday, June 4, 2017

Flower Photos and Facts: Misty Plume

Purple flowers, Tetradenia Riparia, Ginger Bush

Scientific Name: Iboza Riparia/Tetradenia Riparia

This one's been in the pending identification files for a few years.

It taught me a lesson: Never start thinking the wife and her sister, are crazy, again.

They kept insisting the name of the plant was Mayflower (メイフラワ-). Huh ?

Before posting anything , botanical online, I like to insure accuracy.

Three or four years ago, I first noticed these blossoms, starting around February.

They bloom in cities, along rivers, up in the hills and all over the countryside.

Ask any Okinawan and, they don't what it is or, they say Mayflower.

If, you go online and search for Mayflowers, ya ain't gonna see anything like this.

The Plant Experts Live in Holland

The wife, her sister, librarians, everyone, I apologize for thinking they were nuts.

It took a few days, after submitting some photos but, I got it now.

A Facebook Closed Group, some sweetheart hooked me up with, nailed it.

Determinatie van planten en dieren is my source. Bless them all.

A Latin, Scientific or, Botanical nomenclature, does the trick every time.

Only in Okinawa, Japan is this called a Mayflower.

Common Names

 English: Ginger Bush, Misty Plume

Japanese: Fubukibana

Okinawan: Mayflower or Fubuki-sou

flowers, leaves, Tetradenia riparia

Country of Origin: Africa

Medicinal Uses: 

Respiratory problems, headaches, malaria, Influenza

Headaches, stomach aches, swollen legs, fever 

Iboza Riparia, plants, flowers

Gotta Love Survivalist Stuff

Once, I have a Latin name, the research goes on, in English and Japanese.

No sense in boring the non-gardening readers with details.

Like, fragrance, soil conditions and propagation instructions.

Links provided below, will get flower fanatics, whatever they need.

This is a mystical plant and, I must quote from the source:

"Mrs Doom was ill with swollen glands, sore throat, headache, sore ears, blocked sinus,

 and was generally miserable.

I made a very simple concoction which was gargled, and then drank (I will detail the

 recipe and treatment later). Immediately the sore throat was soothed and the

 headache dulled, shortly after her sinuses cleared, about 30 minutes after treatment

 her headache was gone, not long after her glands went down, and finally her ears

 stopped hurting. She felt fantastic. This plant is magic."

Certainly, the man did some deep research probably, more thorough than, mine.

Not sure whether Mrs Doom is his wife or mother-in-law.

Suppose, he just puts a Mrs. Doom name tag on the poor gal, for scientific studies.

Anyhow, everything seems to have turned out just fine, I'm glad to report.

Visit the Doom Survival Guide for more. It's fascinating !



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