Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Sampling the Ultimate - "Sparky Burger"

Menu at Captain Kangaroo Burgers

Not for Calorie Counters

Returning from the expedition to Motobu and the Hydrangea Gardens, it was lunch time.

The Map It Okinawa dude and I decided, we'd check out Captain Kangaroo.

It's been almost five years, since the last time I'd eaten there.

Providing, the joint wasn't crowded with tourists, we figured, they'd get our business.

Disappointed with the last meal I had there, I gave them a 3 star review on TripAdvisor.

Just in case, they had a Bad Chef day, I promised to review the place again, in due time.

Food and Service Now 5 Stars

The building was probably, halfway full. Plenty of staff on hand, greeted us as we entered.

The airconditioning was on and, felt great, after having been outdoors all morning.

We figured, even if it was half an hour wait, for our meal, at least it would be comfortable.

My selection, off the menu, was the Sparky Burger and an order of fries.

There was even enough time, for me to go out front for some nicotine replacement therapy.

Sparky Burger, fries, bacon and lettuce

It was 1:07PM when I snapped this photo with the smartphone. It's a huge meal.

The wooden stick, poked through the burger, must be 6-7 inches long.

No way, was I going to try picking that monster up, for a bite at a time.

I asked the waitress if, I could have a fork and knife and, she hooked me up.

My guess, would be, the difference between Sparkies at 900 and 1000 Yen is the burgers.

Once, I pulled the wooden sword out and started chopping, I couldn't tell.

A pile of  crispy baked onions, lettuce, bacon and tomato, were the first things I saw.

Hacking away with the knife and fork, revealed lots more, meat and sauces.

Map It Dude, was done eating his regular sized burger, way before, I got done.

My hamburger meal, looked like some sort of  Smorgasbord salad, the way I did it.

The whole plate was covered (overflowing) with my grunting, carving, slurping and burping.

Here's what my plate looked like at 1:33PM. I could have done better.

A few specks of meat, were left on the plate so, they wouldn't feel like I was going home hungry.

Licking the dish clean, would have been fun but, I didn't want them to think, I was an animal.

If, there aren't a bunch of pretty women and children in there, next time, we'll give it a try !

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