Friday, December 1, 2017

Last Night's Grilled Smoking Chicken

chicken, grill, smoke

Maybe I'll Be Late for My Own Funeral

The weekend is packed with festivals, rain in the forecast and, a full moon!

Yesterday, I walked through town, on the way home and made one stop.

Lousy weather has kept most people off the streets but, not me.

It seemed like a good idea (around sundown) to grab something to drink.

There weren't any customers in this tiny restaurant, other than me.

So, I ordered everybody a beer and we all said, "Kampai" that's "Cheers" in Japan.

Then, the chicken thing started happening and, some grilled steak, too.

Busy doing research and photo processing, I forgot all about the time, today.

Next thing you know, the sun's getting ready to go down, again.

A hundred projects are piled-up on my desk but, I have to run and shoot a festival.

review of Brasil Kitchen, Google Maps, screenshot

It's too late, to organize a blog post so, I took this screenshot of Google Maps.

Either you can squint and read my review of Kitchen Brasil or, GO HERE

It's time for me to grab a camera and head out to a Christmas Festival Thingy!

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