Saturday, September 8, 2018

15 Photos from Koza Music Town Eisa Museum

Things to Do on Rainy Days

With unpredictable humid, rainy/sunny weather this is a great spot to visit.

Nearby, we found a parking garage where the car wouldn't be exposed to any sun.

Many times, after we make plans for indoor activity, the weather takes a sudden turn.

It's worth some pocket change, to keep our ride in the shade.

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Looking up at the sky before going in, was a good idea.

After about an hour visit inside the museum, the sky got completely whited out with clouds.

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That blue-winged guitar is a good landmark for those in search of Koza Music Town.

Take the next left and, you find the parking garage attached to the building.

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This little Eisa drummer caught my eye when I walked in the door.

It wasn't until photo processing time, I noticed the drum is a postbox!

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In the lobby, there is a gift shop with musical instruments and assorted trinkets.

They probably have postcards you can stuff in the little guy's drum.

Eisa, dance, history, museum, Okinawa

It's always a good idea, to take photos when you come across things like this.

We got English and Japanese history of Eisa, right off the museum walls.

Politicians and professors lie sometimes but, walls shouldn't.

So, I shot the writing on the walls.

Eisa, dance, history, museum, Okinawa

This museum gives you plenty of information about this traditional dance.

You can learn the names of instruments used and different villages Eisa styles.

spiral, staircase, museum, Eisa, Okinawa


Just in case you forgot to pay the 300 Yen, let me tell you. Don't go up those stairs.

There's somebody up there who will want to see your ticket.

Eisa, museum, statues, uniforms, Okinawa

Here you get a view of costumes and some of the instruments.

Doc Graff and I were the only customers so, it was fairly quiet in the place.

Eisa, museum, history, Okinawa

There's plenty of room for you to stretch and practice Eisa if, you want to.

Eisa, dance, museum, Okinawa, studio

Someone on the staff can show you how to play the instruments.

drums, Eisa, costumes, museum, Okinawa

They will come over and help you get dressed in an Eisa uniform.

They even have small costumes for children.

Imagine a school field trip visiting that place and the racket they could make.

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This bilingual sign gives us a "maybe" history of the origins of Eisa.

Chondara, dance, Eisa, museum, Okinawa
A little history of the Chondara is given here.

Eisa, history, English, Japanese, museum, Okinawa

If all history books were this short, I could be a historian.

Eisa, dance, music, museum, Okinawa

They have programs for viewing in several languages for guests.

Whether you're studying Eisa or, want to learn how to perform, this is the place to go.

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