Saturday, December 1, 2018

Migratory Visitor Bird Image - Little Bunting

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Wintering in Okinawa

Luckily, I have an internet friend who speaks Dutch and hooked me up with this bird ID.

Whenever I find a critter (like this) which becomes unidentifiable, I turn to Facebook.

I submit a photo to a Closed Group named "Determinatie van planten en dieren."

In English, I give them the location the animal was photographed in and ask for help.

Within hours, sometimes minutes, I get an identification.

My friend got me into this Closed Group somehow but, I won't reveal her name.

She's like some kind of magic lady and, I don't want the CIA hunting her down.

When I posted this photo to Facebook, she was the first one to identify the bird.

She opened a 300-page bird book and the Little Bunting was the first bird to show up.

Hey! The CIA Could Use People Like Her

First, let me tell you where you can learn more about this bird.

Handbook of the Birds of the World, tells you where they come from.

Old World Europe, Russia, and northern China have these birds.

They must not like snow so, they winter in the southern climates.

More could be found in Wikipedia but, I think the CIA doesn't like them anymore.

CIA Dudes can reach me by email, for more information on that woman.

But, they better be talking some big bucks or, I won't say nothing!

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