Monday, May 20, 2019

Scene from Abushibare - Cultural Ritual in Yaka, Kin, Okinawa

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Noro Prepares for Prayers on a Beach

Abushibare is a springtime ritual held in some locations throughout the Ryukyu Islands.

Like many special events held in Okinawa, this one coincided with the full moon.

Up and around with the camera for some moon photography, yesterday was a long, hard day.

By the time I finished taking photos of the setting moon, I had to hurry to this event.

It was about a two-hour hike for me and, I happened to be the first one on the beach.

Several times I have witnessed the rituals performed at a small shrine.

That part, I skipped in order to catch my breath and rest in the shade adjoining the beach.

To give you an idea what the whole ceremony looks like, here's a 2017 slideshow:

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