Monday, June 17, 2019

What Got Shot Instead of Okinawa's June 2019 Full Moon

Kin Power-plant, Okinawa, skies, sunrise

Full Moon Was Invisible

Friday night would have been the best time to capture the moon over Okinawa.

The skies were clear and the moon was about 96% full. Weather changes rapidly.

Peeking out the windows, I kept hoping the sky would clear so, I could shoot the moon.

astronomy, full moon, JUN 2018, Okinawa

Here's what I was wanting to see. It's the Full Moon a year ago.

A storm system seems to have hovered over the Ryukyu Islands the past few days.

The sky was sort of whited out during daylight and it rained plenty at night.

Early mornings, I walked down to the fishing port planning on catching the moon setting.

Two days in a row I carried all the camera gear downhill but, never saw the moon.

A few minutes before sunrise the scene above was captured with the lens at 70 MM.

If you want to see some real full moon photography, look at last year's images.

The weather this year makes me want to flip the bird!

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