Thursday, May 21, 2020

Flower Photo and Facts: African Lily

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Exotic Plant on Okinawa

Where this specimen was spotted will come later. Taking the photo during the rainy season was
challenging but, nothing like the fun to be had researching this purple beauty.

10 Flower Facts

  • AKA Lily of the Nile Agapanthusafricanus (アガパンサスアフリカス) is the Japanese name
  • Plants grow fine in southern-facing gardens or planters
  • They are attractive to bees, birds, and butterflies
  • Deer and rabbits won't disturb, destroy or, eat these plants
  • Flowers grow on tall stalks which favor facing the sun
  • The plants resist wind and salty air
  • This plant has been used to treat colds, coughs, chest pain, heart problems, and paralysis
  • Flowers are believed to protect the wearer from thunderstorms
  • Some women believe the African Lily boosts strength and fertility
  • In Africa, the plant is considered an aphrodisiac

See the African Lily in the parking lot at Kin Public Library.

Learn more about this flower at the links used for research:

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