Tuesday, October 6, 2020

The Ryukyu Flying Fox in Flight Under Blue Skies

 Supposed to Be Nocturnal

Many times you can spot them early in the morning or evening when it's not dark outside.

When I take a long hike, to view the sunrise over the ocean, sometimes I'm disappointed.

Clouds on the horizon blocked the sunrise this morning so I had to find a different subject.

It was about 7:30 AM when I decided to pack up and start the long walk home.

Usually, I'd have taken a few dozen photos of birds but, today nothing of interest appeared.

My backpack was lifted and slung over the shoulders and I was ready to fold the tripod.

All of a sudden this Pteropus dasymallus flew out of a tree right near me!

They're Fruit Bats

Nothing to panic over, these critters don't fly around biting people or their pets.

Fruit farmers get upset with them, for snatching their crops but, they are also helping.

They keep things growing by spreading the pollen of flowers from plant to plant.

They are relatively harmless to humans except for one thing I can think of.

Don't look up in the sky (with your mouth open) when they're flying overhead.

They could squirt something in your face and, I hear it doesn't taste good!

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