Sunday, November 1, 2020

Day After Halloween - Sorry No Ghosts

A Juicy Ghost Story in the Making

Research continues on Okinawan Folklore with some ghosts.

Last month, we tried our best to get you a goosebumpy local legend and photos to go with it.

Things don't always turn out the way I want them to so, something else creepy will have to do.

Before sunup this morning I walked along the east coast, looked towards the west, and saw this.

The full moon was going down behind some vegetation lining a hillside behind me.

It's not really creepy, to me but, it could give someone the shivers.

It was going on 8 AM when this gnarly character stuck his big foot on top of the water.

If that big paw and red-eye don't give ya the creeps, you'll just have to wait.

Maybe, before next Halloween, we'll have a real ghost story to share with you.

For those interested in birds, this one's nomenclature would be: Eurasian Coot.

 Scientific Name: Fulica atra

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