Thursday, December 31, 2020

New Year's Eve Afternoon Stroll with the iPhone

 Wet and Cold Winter Weather

Normally, I'm out with the camera, backpack, and dog, early in the morning.

With wannabe typhoon-like winds and rain, I've slacked off doing 10,000 step hikes before noon.

The drizzle stopped for a while this afternoon so, I headed out to do some end-of-year business.

Suddenly I noticed a patch of blue sky with white clouds, directly ahead of me.

A bit of maneuvering got me this shot with no telephone wires in the scene.

Leaving the post office and walking the backroads, I spotted this gem of an attraction.

2020 has been sort of a lousy year and everyone has been stuck at home, social distancing.

It didn't stop this Komatsu family from having a baby!

Heading back across the south side of the highway, I stopped at a local electrical store.

One of the things I've been putting off all year was buying a new computer mouse.

Got that and a new iPhone charging wire to boot, for under 20 bucks.

It turned out to be a Not-so-bad, crappy New Year's Eve, I guess. Hopefully, yours went well, too.

Next, I'll have to Google, "Breaking in your new mouse" and see if there are instructions.

If not, I'll have to see if that can be remedied sometime next year.


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