Thursday, April 1, 2021

Meet the Marmalade Bush Hanging in My Garden

 A Rare Sort of Plant

Most festivals and cultural events have been canceled over the past year due to Coronavirus.

Up in Higashi for the Azalea Festival, we were screened fairly thoroughly before entering.

Temperature checks, tell if you've been out of the country, your name address, and phone number.

The blossoms were sorta so so this year but something caught my attention on the way in.

It was in a hanging planter and the tag on the plant read, "マーマレード, Marmalade."

Not knowing much about flowers, I asked if it was edible. The gal said, 'No."

Because of the bright colors, it's called Marmalade.

At home, the plant got hung in a spot without too much sun or shade.

Researching the brilliant blossoms, I learned plenty.

They say fresh seeds for this specimen are rare - hard to find.

Cuttings would be the way to go if, you want to propagate more plants.

Scientific Name: Streptosolen jamesonii

Another Common Name: Fire Bush

Native Territory: South America

More Stuff Was Learned

The Marmalade Bush needs sun but, can tolerate some shade.

It's a tough character - Bug Resistant.

The flowers may bloom most of the year in warm, humid, tropical environments. Yay!

The plant (growing in the ground) could reach 5 feet tall by 8 feet wide!

Its mild fragrance attracts birds and butterflies.

Some gardeners let the streams of bright flowers trail down walls.

The plants are used in Ecuador and Peru as folk medicine.

However, in California USA the plant may constitute a health risk if, too much is consumed!

We'll probably just keep our Marmalade Bush hanging somewhere in the garden.


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