Thursday, October 1, 2009

Zakimi Castle with Doc

Zakimi Castle with Doc
Sunday was our normal Sunday routine; grab our camera bags, tripods and get as far away from home as we could before the wives wake up and think of stuff for us to do.
When Doc sent me a text message the night before asking where I wanted to go shoot, my reply consisted of one word, “far”.
The best plan for a day of shooting in Okinawa is to not have any plan at all; just follow the sun and watch the shadows; that always leads to some fun shootin’. I always say “Perfect lighting for a picture takes place for only about 30 seconds at any point on this island". You just have to be there to catch it at the right time.
If you make plans, I guarantee, they’ll fail. So, we learned, a long time ago, just get out and go; let the weather be your guide.
We have a grand old time, shoot until it gets too hot or bright in the afternoon sun, then go inside museums, into the shade of the woods, or just stop in some air-conditioned restaurant and eat until the weather starts cooperating outside, again.
My plan is to catch all 5 of the UNESCO World Heritage Castles on Okinawa, in the best light and from every possible angle and put together an article that’ll knock your flip flops off!
Stand by for more…..


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